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How Do I Make A Complaint Or Suggestion?

X00000024P5253578P6106789The group normally runs smoothly but, occasionally, there are problems that need to be dealt with.  If you have a problem with something related to the group, or a suggestion for improving the way things are done, you should contact the appropriate committee member by email.  Please bear in mind that, whilst some issues can be dealt with straight away by the committee member you contact, others may need further consideration, and you may have to wait until the next committee meeting before your problem is even discussed.  Please also bear in mind that the committee may not agree to implement your suggestion if they feel it is not in the best interests of the entire group, if it would be against the rules or spirit of The Ramblers, if they feel that the cost is not justified by the benefit, or any number of other reasons.

In addition, there are some common sense rules to increase the chance of getting what you want:

  • Ensure that your communications are clear and concise, so that the committee know what your issue is and your preferred solution.
  • Do not raise the issue on Facebook.  Historically this has led to a very one-sided view being presented to the group, with a completely different view being expressed directly to the committee. Subsequent problems have led to the committee deciding to lock or remove such posts since.
  • Do not harrass committee members.  The committee are all volunteers that give up their free time for the group.  Sometimes they are busy and cannot deal with your issue immediately.  A gentle reminder if you haven't heard anything for a week or two is reasonable, but much more frequently than that will be annoying.
  • Whilst committee members may not mind being spoken to on a walk remember that they are on the walk for their own enjoyment and are unlikely to be happy spending a significant amount of time discussing your issue - especially if it's contraversial.  If you wish to speak to a committee member about an issue on a walk, ask them if they mind, and try to keep it short.
  • If you are aware of other people that share your opinion, get them to contact the committee as well.  Whilst knowing that more people feel the way you do does not guarantee a decision being made in your favour, it does increase the chance of it happening.

Despite the above, please do contact the committee if you have an issue.  The committee want the group to be the best it can be, and are happy for members to contact them with suggestions and problems.