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What Should I Do On A Walk?

P4095920P2125301P5216604Walking is generally a safe and fun activity, but a little extra thought can ensure that everyone goes home happy and that the environment is protected.

Litter - do we really need to remind you to take this home with you?

Gates - leave them in the state you found them, open or closed. The walk leader should make sure that walkers at the back know whether to close a gate or not.

Roads - when there's no pavement, walk facing oncoming traffic in single file, except where you are approaching a blind bend.

Stay together - don't let large gaps open up in the group or there's a chance that those at the back will end up separated and not know where to go. Keep an eye on the walkers ahead and behind you and ask people to slow down or wait if necessary. This is especially important in urban areas, woods and other places where you can't see very far ahead.

Dogs - keep them under control, especially around farm animals.

Livestock - in general sheep, cattle and horses will stay away from humans, but there have been rare cases of injuries and worse reported in the national news.  Be aware that animals can start moving suddenly, if spooked. If you're nervous around livestock let someone know and they can help you through the field, maybe by walking between you and the animals. Move quickly, calmly and quietly, don't get between calves and their mothers and keep any dogs under control.

For more information, see The Rambler's website.