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How Do I Get To A Walk?

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The group encourages car sharing from the car park off Fields Park Road in Cardiff.  This is better for the environment, makes it easier to park when the walk start point has a limited number of parking spaces, and helps members of the group that do not drive.  If it is not too far out of your way, you are strongly encouraged to meet there for a walk (unless the walk specifies another meet point such as Cardiff Central railway station).

Note: the car park we meet at is not the car park by the cafe at the junction of Fields Park Road, Penhill Road and Catherdral Road!  Instead, turn into Fields Park Road, go past Maldwyn Street and Fairleigh Road on your right, and take the third turn on the right into the car park.

It is sometimes the case that nobody driving to the walk lives close enough to the meeting point, and people without cars find themselves waiting at the meeting point with no transport.  This is unfortunate, but walk leaders do not know who is planning on joining them for a walk and, if they do not live close to the meeting point themselves, are unable to guarantee that somebody will be there.  For this reason, it is a good idea to confirm that somebody will be able to give you a lift in advance.  If you are a member of the group then you can contact people you know directly, or ask on the Facebook group if anybody is able to give you a lift.  If not, you can either contact the walk leader and ask them if they know of anybody that will be able to give you a lift, or you can attend Curry Club and ask there.

There are no hard and fast rules on charging for fuel, but passengers are expected to pay their driver a fair share of the fuel costs.

If you live outside of Cardiff, and coming into the city means a significant detour from the actual start point of the walk, you can drive straight to the start point.  You may wish to let the walk leader know before you leave though, in case you are delayed or have trouble finding the start point.