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What Is iCalendar?

X00000011P3161583iCalendar (also referred to as iCal or ICS) is a file format used to represent calendar entries.  It is supported by a large number of calendar applications.  This web site uses it to make the walks programme (or subsets of it) available to visitors.  The [ICS] link in the top-right hand corner of each walks programme page can be used to obtain a copy of the walks programme on the page in ICS format.  The manner in which the link is used varies depending upon the calendar application.  Instructions for some common applications are included below.

Thunderbird (Lightning)

This note explains how you can import the TBR calendar into Thunderbird (Lightning):

  • Visit one of the walks-related pages on the TBR web site.
  • Right click on the [ICS] link at the top-right hand corner of the page, and select Copy Link Address (or whatever your browser's equivalent is).
  • Launch Thunderbird and go to the Calendar tab.
  • Right click in the left-hand pane and select New Calendar ....
  • Select On the Network and click Next >.
  • Ensure iCalendar (ICS) is selected under format, paste the URL from the web site into the Location box, and click Next >.
  • Enter a name for the calendar (if necessary), select a colour, and click Next >.
  • Click Finish.
  • The TBR walks should now show up in your calendar.


Unfortunately, Android does not support ICS natively.  It is necessary to download an ICS synchronisation application and configure that.  I have been using ICS Sync for some time but, whilst I would like to recommend it, it has not been updated for several years and does report errors parsing the ICS file on this web site (although it does basically work).  I will update this entry when I have a better option.